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Work at The Outpost

The fourth issue of The Outpost somewhere in Malaysia (photo via Facebook)

The fourth issue of The Outpost somewhere in Malaysia

… and at  the English Edition of Il Sole 24 Ore


The logo of Italy24 (photo via @IlSole24Ore)

…. not really a journalist


Founder of  The Kindergarten Collective


The logo of the Kindergarten Collective (image courtesy of @Sebastian Dahl)


Founder of Timmerman


Timmerman, a Milan based collective (image courtesy of @Ambra Vaccari and Giacomo Mesini)


Writes or has written for Linkiesta, Pagina99, Now Lebanon, Financial Times, Rivista Studio, Rolling Stones, In These Times, Occupied Chicago Tribune, Il Riformista, Europa, Pubblico, Art Paper, il Mondo, A, Minima&Moralia, il Foglio, Il Fatto Quotidiano, Left, Christian Science Monitor, Time Out Beirut, Vice US, Los Angeles Review of Books, Al Jazeera, Vice Italy, Vanity Fair Italia, Vice UK

My personal e-mail is: [email protected]

For The Outpost: [email protected]

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