The Kindergarten Collective

Born from the belief that people work better together, not alone – The Kindergarten Collective provides a home for incessantly creative minds that simply can’t stop making.

Originally the home of photographers, musicians, journalists and playwrights, the Collective has grown to accept artists and thinkers from all fields. The only rule is that you work with a smile on you face.

So far we’ve offered studio space to a Syrian painter, an Italian film nomad, and a Danish photojournalist to name just a few – but we’re always looking for new inspiration from all corners of the mind and body.

Civilian Spectrums by Imad Habbab at The Kindergarten Collective

ImadHabbab at The Kindergarten Collective (photo courtesy of Flora Lenses)

ImadHabbab at The Kindergarten Collective (photo courtesy of Flora Lenses)

Civilian spectrums : When the flashback of the city comes with a group of impressions, reforming a continuous action of concrete that find a place for itself in the painting, getting cut between the metal cranes that hiding the scene and rebuilding it at the same time .. where there’s more of the concrete which is thirsty to exist.. which cannot wait until he fulfil that air climbed by the “metal crowns”, the lighting space getting requiems with more constructions while the identity still hidden as a metaphysical observer who’s pushing this changes to be complete as a sensible end .. an objective chaos controlled with its details (altro…)

Cirkmag features the Kindergarten Collective

A copy of Cirkmag in an Oslo bookshop (photo courtesy of @SebastianDahl)

A copy of Cirkmag in an Oslo bookshop (photo courtesy of @SebastianDahl)

Norwegian photographer Sebastian Dahl just just publisheda photo essay on the Kindergarten Collective on Norwegian magazine Cirkmag

Proud to say he was also just nominated as one of the ten best Nordic photographers of 2014 by Idesigni

More of his work can be found here:


Concerto by The Kindergarten Collective

A moment of Concerto by The Kindergarten Collective. Beirut, June 2014 (photo courtesy of Alana Gonzalez)

The text below was written by Tim Davis Frank. It was part of a performance organized by The Kindergarten Collective. The intent was to tell a story – the same story – through three different mediums: one is word (see below) the second is paint (Imad Habbab used charckle live – see photos) and Hassan Nasser told the story through the mix (clink link below). The event took place in the basement of Indo-Lanka (see photos) an indian restaurant and shop in Daura, eastern outskirts of Beirut.


The KIndergarten Collective presents Wissam Muases

This video is courtesy of French journalist Camille Tahar. It was shot last November at The Kindergarten Collective in Beirut. The event started with a presentation by Syrian entrepreneur and artist Wissam Muases where he explained his work and how he up-cycles beer bottles. Following the presentation Syrian band Hat Lan Shouf and Khebez Daule performed.